I’m a student. Where can I find more information about the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training requirements?

Student Affairs’ Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training website includes helpful information about student training requirements.

What topics does the employee online training cover?

The training provides important information on the Johns Hopkins University’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures, the Johns Hopkins University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures, Title IX, Campus SaVE, the Violence Against Women Act, and the role of responsible employees.  This course highlights important federal, state, and local laws on harassment and discrimination, and informs employees on how to recognize and report harassment and discrimination. It also provides employees with practical tips to help foster a safe, inclusive working environment, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention, advice on using inclusive language in the workplace, and information on microaggressions.

Do the trainings include content warnings?

Yes, given the sensitive nature of the topics covered, all versions of the online trainings begin with a content warning.

If you are an employee and have concerns about completing the training, please contact OIE at oie.jhu.edu or by calling 410-516-8075.

What if I already completed a training on this topic?

The University requires all employees in our community complete assigned trainings. Given the important nature of the topics covered and the continual development in case law and practices, we want our community to have the most current, accurate and useful information possible.

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

Please contact your supervisor to discuss available options. Some options include access to a computer or computer lab at work. The Office of Institutional Equity (“OIE”) can also facilitate in-person trainings; these training can be given in a group setting such as a staff meeting, grand rounds, or department retreat.

How long is the online training?

The online training takes about 30 – 60 minutes to complete. There are also several optional reading materials on the topics of Title IX and harassment prevention.

Do I have to complete the training in one sitting?

No, you do not. Please take the time you need to complete the training knowing that the system will save your progress each time you log in or out of the training.

How do I show and know that I’ve completed the training?

myLearning automatically captures training completion. However, some divisions of the University require employees to provide documentation directly. At the end of the training, you will have the option to print a certificate of completion.

Who do I contact if I have general questions?

Please contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 410-516-8075 or [email protected].

Who do I contact if I have technical questions?

Please contact [email protected] for technical support.