The University is committed to maintaining learning and working environments that are free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. Each member of the community is responsible for fostering civility, for being familiar with this policy, and for refraining from conduct that violates this policy.

The Johns Hopkins University Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures (“DHPP”)

For more detailed information about how the University defines and responds to reports of discrimination and harassment, please review the University’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures (DHPP).

Filing a Discrimination and Harassment Report

To file a discrimination and harassment report, contact the Office of Institutional Equity (“OIE”) at (410) 516-8075, e-mail [email protected], or submit an online complaint to OIE.

OIE reviews allegations of discrimination and/or harassment based on a protected class as set forth in the University’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy (DHPP). Allegations of other conduct may be referred to another appropriate office or department.

After you submit an online form, an OIE staff member will review the information you provided to determine best next steps. An OIE staff member may contact you for a follow up discussion. If you are unable to complete this form for any reason, please contact OIE for assistance at (410) 516-8075 and/or [email protected]

The information you provide to OIE will be kept as private as is reasonably possible. While you may file a report anonymously, doing so may impair the university’s ability to take action. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may use a pseudonym or withhold your name. You may also create and/or share an anonymous e-mail address if you do not wish to provide your personal e-mail.