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Office of Institutional Equity

Faculty and Staff Request for Reasonable Workplace Accommodation Form

The purpose of this form is to assist the University in determining whether, or to what extent, a reasonable accommodation is required for an employee with a disability to perform one or more essential functions of their job safely and effectively.  This form must be filed separately from the employee's personnel file and be treated confidentially.

A downloadable version of the form can be found here

Fields marked with * are required.

Is this a Permanent of Temporary disability?*
Are you requesting a Leave of Absence?*
Are you currently on FML?
Are you currently on Short Term Disability
Have you applied for Long Term Disability?

Please answer the following questions to assist us in understanding the basis and nature of your request for a reasonable accommodation (attach additional sheets if necessary).
Have you been working with Occupational Health Services or Occupational Injury on return to work accommodations?
Has a physician, vocational rehabilitation specialist, or other health professional recommended a specific accommodation?


In the context of assessing an accommodation request, medical documentation may be needed. Medical documentation is often needed to determine if the employee has a disability covered by the ADA and is entitled to an accommodation (i.e., has a permanent disability, as distinguished from temporary disability, that substantially limits one or more major life activities, affects the employee's ability to perform essential job functions, and is of sufficient severity) and if so, to help identify an effective accommodation.

Generally, in the context of an accommodation, medical inquiries related to an employee's disability and functional limitations are permissible and may include consultations with knowledgeable professional sources, such as doctors, occupational and physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and organizations with expertise in adaptations for specific disabilities. The Office of Institutional Equity is the University unit charged with collecting medical documentation for the purpose of determining reasonable accommodations. In the event that medical documentation is required, the employee will be provided with the appropriate forms to submit to their medical provider. The employee has the responsibility to ensure that the medical provider follows through on requests for medical information.

I give the Johns Hopkins University Office of Institutional Equity permission to explore coverage and reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended (ADA). I understand that all information obtained during this process will be maintained and used in accordance with ADA and all legal and regulatory requirements as they pertain to medical and genetic information confidentiality. In situations where OIE requires input on questions related to medical or psychological documentation submitted to support a request for reasonable accommodation, I authorize OIE to consult with Johns Hopkins University Director of Occupational Health (or designee) and/ or the medical/mental health professional, concerning the provided documentation.