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Office of Institutional Equity

Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion

The Johns Hopkins University Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion is a renewed declaration of JHU's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an invitation to our community to engage in robust dialogue around these issues.

Concerns raised by the undergraduate Black Student Union in late 2015 prompted the university to undertake a broad examination of current issues of diversity across our institution. The resulting Roadmap highlights our values and commitments, the progress already made and the work ahead. It lists actions already underway, and others that are just beginning.

Our work in this area will help to shape the future of this university. As President Daniels expresses in the Roadmap, "diversity of thought, people and experiences is central to the excellence of our work, and to our education, research and service missions."

The Roadmap articulates and deepens our institutional commitment to our core values. Our vision for diversity at Hopkins is for the composition of our academic community to reflect the broad array of human differences found in our society at large. As achieving diversity alone is not sufficient, we recognize that we must simultaneously work to ensure that we create an environment where people from all backgrounds feel valued, engaged and empowered to succeed.

Through meetings, forums, online comments and in-person conversations, the university received feedback and new ideas from across the Johns Hopkins community. The Roadmap and annual updates are available to Download.

Diversity Leadership Council

Comprised of about 50 members from all across Johns Hopkins, the Diversity Leadership Council serves as an advisory council to University President Ronald Daniels. The council's role is to help the university achieve its goals of diversity and inclusion by promoting diversity awareness education, supporting the personal growth and development of all individuals in the university and recommending initiatives that will attract and retain a diverse mix of faculty, staff and students.


DLC members come from every school and division of the Johns Hopkins Institutions and represent all areas of diversity interests. Members are chosen through a nomination process and appointed by University President Ronald Daniels; they serve a three-year term, on the academic calendar. Members are united in their passion for leadership and their commitment to diversity and inclusion at Hopkins.

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious bias can undermine even the most fervent commitment to a diversity and inclusion agenda. JHU’s Unconscious Bias training program covers an online unconscious bias assessment tool called the implicit association test. It also offers practical research based examples of unconscious bias in hiring and other selections and strategies for combatting unconscious bias in the search process.  Search committees, departments and university leadership are using the unconscious bias training course as part of our efforts to raise awareness, particularly in the hiring process.  The course is offered in person, and OIE also created an on-line version of the course, “Diversity Matters: Faculty Searches at JHU".

For live sessions, please call 410-516-8070 or contact